Herman Cain Advancing

Well, I admit I am very surprised to hear that Republican Presidential candidate, Herman Cain is surging  in  anyone’s poll. I will be even more surprised if he becomes the Republican presidential nominee. I thought Michele Bachmann would be the “Mike Huckabee” of the 2012 Republican presidential candidates. If you remember in 2007-08, Mike Huckabee (who was my original 2008 presidential choice) started out as “Huckabee who!” in the lower tier but made it to the top-tier of Republican presidential candidates and won a few primaries and caucuses, but not the Republican presidential nomination. At this point, Mr. Cain looks like he could be 2012’s Mike Huckabee.

My objection to Mr. Cain is that he has ever been elected to political office. I know there are many of you who feel that is a plus. Mr. Cain likes telling everyone that he is not a politician and therefore will not go about the presidency as a politician. But think, he will be a novice who will need that politician’s edge in battling and/or wooing experienced congressional politicians of both political parties over legislation and budgetary issues. He will even need that politician’s edge in dealing with leaders of other countries.

One can attribute part of Herman Cain’s rise among the Republican presidential candidates to the fall of Gov. Rick Perry. Gov. Perry lost support over a bad debate performance and unwavering support for giving in-state college tuition rates to illegal non-U.S. residents while non Texas residents who are legal U. S. citizens pay higher rates. And now Gov. Perry has another controversy. He and his father leased some land containing a stone that had the racial epithet,  n@##erhead on it. The epithet is now painted over, but the stone seems to be a nail in the coffin to Perry’s presidential ambitions. There is a lot of flurry over this, but I don’t make much of it. Even one of my staunch Democratic family members does not fault him for that stone.

As far as Herman Cain is concerned, I guess I better take a closer look, but the fact that he has never been elected to anything continues to bother me. Now if the unbelievable happens and Mr. Cain becomes the Republican Presidential nominee, I will go with him against Pres. Obama. Anyone of the Republican presidential candidate (except for maybe Ron Paul) will be the better choice.


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