A Teacher Who Penalizes Students for His Personal Pet Peeve

When I was in school my mother was the kind of parent  teachers loved. Unless the teacher performed some kind of heinous sex crime or behaved in some “in your face” racist way (which never happened), she always sided with the teacher. With many reports in the news these days of strange teacher behavior and actions, I wonder  how much siding she would do with the teachers today!

There are always a few teachers (as well as those in other professions) who take their authority a bit too far. In one particular case in the news, a health teacher, Steve Cuckovich who has a pet peeve about hearing “God bless you” or “bless you” penalized a student for saying those words by taking a ridiculous amount of points of the student’s test grade. One should only lose points on a test for not knowing the correct answers or cheating. I am definitely for teacher authority in the general sense, but that is taking it too far.

Parents complained big time and I think my mother would be joining those parents today if she had a son or daughter in this teacher’s classroom. Because of the objections, Mr. Cuckovich stop the penalization through grade point deduction. The principal backed up the teacher. It seems that Mr. Cuckovich   has given the “bless you” issue more priority over the subject matter he is teaching to the students. He cannot stand to hear it and says it is disruptive, so he vows to come up with another way to discipline students from saying “bless you” in his class. I say that teacher has some issues. Come on! Is that really a classroom disciplinary issue?