I Do Not Like Closed Primaries.

Oh to be an Independent! One could do that in my state of PA, but for persons going that political affiliation root, they pretty much forfeits their voting privileges in the PA primaries. PA does have such people like Philly’s nationally syndicated radio talker and MSNBC contributor, Michael Smerconish, but it has to get to these folks during primary voting, that they do not have a say. They must rely on registered Republican and Democratic voters to decide who the 2 major party candidates will be for the general elections.

The Media makes such a big deal about the Independent vote; after all, it was that vote that was key to electing Barack Obama as President. And for 2012, there are indications that they are leaving him. I am always reading comments on various political issues from folks who proudly state that they are Independents.  From  the Media reports, you would think that all states gave Independents full voting privileges at the primary level when that is not so in 28 states.

I get questioned from non Pennsylvanians as to why I did not go Independent when I left the Democrat Party, since I describe myself as an Independent Conservative. I did consider that. but simply, it is because at my state’s primary level, you are either Republican or Democrat. There is no cross party voting. Republicans can only vote for Republican candidates and Democrats for Democrats. If there are any Independent candidates, which is happens every now and then, that is when an Independent can vote.

I take voting at the primary level very seriously. Unlike Michael Smerconish and other PA Independents, I cannot dismiss primary voting. PA primary is held for the political parties on the same day. I envy that in some states the Republican and Democratic primaries are held on different dates. People can vote in both political party primaries regardless of political party registration! I do not like being in a system that curbs my voting choices.

There is great bi-partisan support from the PA state legislators not to let anything like that happen in PA. Keeping the PA Primary closed, is the one thing that bonds Republican and Democratic state leaders. Although I am a Republican, I believe PA should allow complete freedom for people to vote for whomever they desires at any level in the voting process.

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