GOP: Debate, Debate, Debate

There were some great responses in this latest Republican debate in Florida, but it is still comes down to the front-runners being Mitt Romney and Gov. Rick Perry at this point in the race to become the GOP’s presidential nominee. Michele Bachmann was in true great form, but I do not think she is getting back her former supporters that went over to Gov. Perry. Herman Cain was fantastic. If/when we have the next Republican administration, Mr. Cain should be in it dealing with the economy/fiscal matters, or Georgia folks needs to elect him to represent them in the House or the Senate.

I grew to love Newt Gingrich and his debate performance is great again, but it will surprise me if he makes it to #3 in the early caucuses and primaries. Ron Paul is not in my consideration. I can in no way go along with his views on Islam and Muslims in relation to terrorism and his views on legalization of drugs. Therefore, I hardly listen to his responses in the debate.  The same goes for Gary Johnson who also has that libertarian laissez-faire thing for drugs. Jon Huntsman is way too likable by the Democrats, so forget him! Rick Santorum did okay, especially when he hammered Gov. Perry on providing in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants. But it will surprise me, if he gets anywhere in the early caucuses and primaries.

I do not have a personal stake in anyone among the Republican presidential hopefuls at this point, but I could go with either front-runner Perry or Romney (despite RomneyCare). I think either one would be more successful as President in comparison to Pres. Obama. As I said in previous posts, Herman Cain needs to succeed at getting elected to a lower office before going after the highest office in the land. Paul, Huntsman and Johnson are the ones that give me great reservations, but thankfully, they do not have much of a chance anyway.


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