The Republican Debate on MSNBC

I watched the Republican presidential candidate debate last night on MSNBC. I agree with some of the political pundits on TV, bloggers and columnists who said that Gov. Rick Perry was not that strong. For me this is the first time Mitt Romney stood ahead of the pack in the debates. I also agree with what I am reading about Michele Bachmann peeking. She did not come off as stellar as she has in the previous debates. I agree with what I am hearing and reading today, that the Republican presidential candidates race pretty much comes down to Gov. Perry and former Gov. Romney.

Of course, Newt Gingrich was great. His debate performances are always excellent, but like I said before, nobody seems to be listening. I love my former Senator, Rick Santorum, but generally, the Republicans and GOP sided Independents are not taking him seriously.

Herman Cain is good, but I can’t consider him. He needs to run for a national office from Georgia and win. I remember at the previous CNN Republican debate, some one asked him if he would hire someone for a top position without any experience. I feel the top position of President of this country requires previous electoral experience and Herman Cain has zero.

Jon Huntsmen came off a bit improved than the last debate, but I am not liking him all that much. And I am trying to see what the attraction is with libertarian/Republican Ron Paul, but not feeling it. The reason could be that I am just not into the total libertarian approach to life. Some aspects of libertarianism go against my Christ centered outlook.

Well, MSNBC saw some of its best ratings ever. And to think that was due to Republicans! In hearing the analysis from various MSNBC anchors, news analysts and contributors, the majority went with John Huntsmen who is the most moderate/liberal out of the Republican presidential candidates. That figures! During my Democrat years, I would sometimes give my vote to the moderate/liberal Republican. Former Republican Senator, Arlen Specter was the one Republican who continually got my then Democratic vote. Of course, after crossing over and moving on in conservatism, I saw the Sen. Specter in a completely different (negative) light.

Even though I am not into Herman Cain being President, I am a fan. I leave you with him successfully taking on the leftist MSNBC round-table right after the debate.