From Zo: If the TEA Party were Really Terrorist!

Oh the TEA Party! I know folks that cannot stand TEA Party people, because they view them as racists of the KKK nature. I have not been to a TEA Party rally since last summer in Philly. But I still remember quite vividly, the strong negative reactions I received for going from my family members, even though, most whom spoke at the rally were black! Again, I am not blind to the reported racist remarks from a few in the various TEA Party organizations across the country, but as quiet as it is kept, racists can be found anywhere, including in Democratic and leftists organizations.

On the Democratic and leftists side, some added the label of terrorist to the TEA Party to get more bang with their racists label. Recently, this was in the news headlines. Those in the Democratic Party hierarchy are having a hard time defending the Obama administration policies and the laws passed that were going to beef up our downed economy, but instead, infused an awfully large dose of anemia. So what do they do? They go negative and hurl nasty, over the top slurs on whom they deem to be strong adversaries. Listen to Zo’s (AlfonZo Rachel) rebuttal to this terrorist labeling of TEA Party people.

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