GOP Presidential Candidates: Who to Support?

As much as I liked Tim Pawlenty, he was not catching on among other Republican voters. I realized this a while back and paid more attention to the other Republican contenders for the party nomination. I am not ready to go completely with anyone yet. I am liking my former Senator, Rick Santorum, but at this point, he has as much of or even less of the chance than Tim Pawlenty. It would be great if he could go further. And to think, there was a time when I really could not stand him!

I like Herman Cain but not for President. I will not go with him just because he is black. He has never been elected to any kind of public office. That is a stickler for me. At best he should be appointed to a position that deals with strengthening the economy in the next Republican administration or run for Congress (again and win this time).

I like Michele Bachmann who earlier came across stronger to me than Sarah Palin.  She has a gaffe problem that is getting severe. The leftist and some right-wing media reporters are on her heels in hot pursuit.  Now she does get picked on because she is a woman. Byron York’s wifely submission question at the Republican debate put me off. But if he did not ask it, I guess eventually someone else will ask that type of question. Non Christians like to go after Christian women on the submission/obedience biblical precepts. Plus, there are a few Christians that have a problem with wives having any kind of authority on a higher level than the husband outside of the home.

I was not too upset about her signing some “in support of the traditional family” document that said blacks family were better off in slavery (which I do not agree), but generally, that did not go down well at all. Rep. Bachmann’s latest on her gaffe meter is wishing Elvis a happy birthday on the anniversary of his death is really making her look super ditsy. She needs to get new people in her campaign inner circle.

Newt Gingrich always has great ideas, but nobody these days seem to be listening to him.  His upfront limelight negatives are his past personal behavior and the way he is conducting is failing campaign.

Ron Paul never caught on with me. His statements about not fearing Iran and aspects of Islam bother me. I am attempting to see what the fascination is with this man by reading his book, Liberty Defined.

John Huntsman does not move me at all. I do guess I could find out a little more about him. But his performance in the debate last Thursday did nothing to move me to want get to know him better. He came across to me like a Zero.

I might be able to go with front-runner, Mitt Romney if he becomes the party nominee, but he has to do some more explaining about the his health care law when he was the Governor of Massachusetts. The former Gov. does have years of successful business ventures. He is now getting his front-runner status clipped a bit by new contender, Rick Perry.

I know from reports that Gov. Rick Perry presides over a successful state economy with continual job growth when so many other states’ economies are in the tank with ever-growing job loss. He comes across as a “take no prisoners”  and a free market jobs building kind of person. We need someone like that. But I hear that we need to prepare ourselves for his gaffes too. The media folks are going to have fun with his past idea of seceding Texas from the union. There is also his executive order enforcement  of forcing every sixth-grade girl to get the Gardasil vaccine over any parental objection. Gov. Perry publicly renounced his Gardasil executive order, but he is far from absolution on this matter. Read Michelle Malkin’s take on it here.

I know there is no perfect Republican presidential candidate. Proven success in business and growing an economy when the most of the country is in economic collapse is a draw for me; therefore, I have under voting consideration, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and because of the social conservative that I am, the long shot (or no shot at all) Rick Santorum. That is not written in stone. I could change. But overall, my possible choices would be better for the country than Pres. Obama. I have not completely given up on Michele Bachmann, but I’d rather see her in a vice presidential role.


4 thoughts on “GOP Presidential Candidates: Who to Support?

  1. Very reasoned and ‘unemotional’ piece… I have been surprised at the level of nastiness (excluding ron Paul fans). And it seems there is a fever pitch of conspiracies…and of course the internet is very fertile ground for such, how should I say… Bovine fertilizer.

    Gotta go. Going to grab a Double-cheese Bilderburger for lunch.

    1. Joe, while I am definitely on the Republican side, I do not want to get too caught up in emotions. Non of the candidates fit the complete mold of what I desire in a presidential candidate. If they did this early in the presidential race, some hard to ignore negative will come out closer to November. My vote will be based on the premise of whoever the Republican presidential candidate will be, that person will be better than Barack Obama. My vote will also go to get Republican control of both houses of Congress. At least if we have Pres. Obama for another 4 years, a Republican Congress will keep him in check.

  2. I’m reading about each candidate – past, present & future promises in Conservative publications and on such web sites. For me the best condensed view of candidates to date can be found on the Club for Growth web site.
    Conservatives must capture more Congressional seats in 2012 – and the Presidency. If just the Congress, there will be only a small chance of veto over ride in case of a veto from President 0.

  3. Thank you Jim. I will check out Club for Growth. And yes, we must takeover both houses of Congress. and the presidency. If the economic conditions continue to get worse (or even stay as they are now), Barack Obama will be a former Pres. in 2013.

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