These Mobbing Teens

This is another call to prayer. This time for families. Please pray for parents to be parents and for the young lives they have bought into this world. The violence that included teen perpetrators  in London, England, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and my hometown of Philly in PA are horrific. I am sure you are asking along with me, “Where are the parents?”  Just the thought of the disciplinary actions awaiting me in my teen years if my parents found out I was a part of any kind of mob, violence kept me from even fantasizing about anything close to it.

I support Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia in what he is doing to curb what is going on. Some folks were critical of his speech he gave in his home church. Some did not like him calling out the absentee fathers and when he stated that the black teens were hurting their race. Of course, when white teens do something horrific, you do not hear that you are hurting your race, but that is the thinking.  Anyway, more importantly, these teens are hurting themselves and their families.

Mayor Nutter imposed a 9:00 P. M. curfew on young folks under 18 years of age. He meant business! Police took 50 teen into custody in the curfew crackdown. Some parents made excuses while others took responsibility. One parent on camera apologized with the son standing there and told the reporters and TV viewers of going home and taking action over what the son did.

Accounts sited that the majority of young rioters in London grew up in fatherless homes. Now I know there are single mothers out there who have and are successfully raising sons and daughters, but they are becoming more of the exception. James T. Harris, the urban radio talker in Wisconsin is correct when he said that when it comes to teen boys, they need their fathers in the home.  I pray that the reporting of the teen flash mobs and rioting is a kick in the pants wake up call to permissive and self-absorbed parents and teens everywhere, especially fathers who are in the wind and never took responsibility.

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