The Dept Plan Unacceptable on the Right and Left

Congress came up with a dept plan. On the right, TEA party folks and some conservatives find it unacceptable, and so do the some  liberals and leftists. I was for the spending cuts, no tax raising, but a raising of the debt ceiling along with a balance budget amendment. Well this plan designates spending cuts, does not allow for an initial tax raise, raises the debt ceiling with no balance budget amendment.

There are people on the right furious with the Republicans for caving to any debt ceiling increases. Conservative TEA Party politicos such as presidential candidate, Rep. Michele Bachmann and Rep. Tim Scott voted against it. Another TEA Party politico, Rep. Allen West voted in the affirmative.  On the liberal leftist side, there are people who feel the Republican got the upper hand in the debt deal. Democratic Representatives. Emanuel Cleaver and Dennis Kucinich voted against it. Listen to Rep. Cleaver expressed his displeasure here.

I am not among those who are furious with the Republican House majority. They are up against and a Democratic majority Senate and a Democratic vetoing President. They could not possibly get all that they wanted. Really it is a wonder they got anything!


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