MSNBC’s Higher Ratings with Al Sharpton!

So MSNBC is considering Rev. Al Sharpton for a permanent spot on its roster! He is doing the 6:00 P. M. hour most of July. Cenk Uygur who was the host for that hour since January was given his walking papers. Al Sharpton improved the ratings. You know MSNBC is on their knees yelling, “Thank You” to whomever. The are experiencing a sustained ratings increase. Something they have not seen, like forever! I do believe he is giving them real hope to catch up to Fox News for at least one hour.

As I read around the Internet, I am seeing protest to Al Sharpton getting his own cable news TV program. Some prefer Cenk Uygur and say he got a raw deal. Some are saying Mr. Sharpton is the left’s version of Glenn Beck and for that reason he should not have a TV platform for his views. I also read that MSNBC is caving to pressure to add persons of color to their white evening line up. The National Association of Black Journalist are even protesting MSNBC, because Al Sharpton in not a journalist. They believe news program should go to people with journalistic credentials.

With the cable news honchos, it is all about ratings. Of course journalistic credibility is important, but when a cable news network viewer ratings are far lower than the competition that it politically opposes and has just about reached the blood feud level, journalistic credentials lose out. MSNBC is going with someone who comes across wooden when in free format and umms and errs a lot when not on script, but (at least for now) he is bringing in some new viewers.

23 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Higher Ratings with Al Sharpton!

  1. you are insane! Sharpton is a racist joke! he looks like a clown!
    he is a clown! another liberal talking trash who does nothing
    for black or poor people! his show will bomb! his ratings were
    up cause people were curious and need something to laugh at!
    what a joke! this is what PMSNBC thinks is a good idea! now
    wonder why they are such a pitiful network! hahahah

    1. Ervin, how am I insane? I am not a Al Sharpton fan. You would be able to tell that if you read any of my previous post concerning him on this blog and my former blog. Your rather charged emotional response sort of indicates that you did not read the entire post or you read things into it that art not there. All I did was suggest the possibility of Al Sharpton’s program getting more ratings, a possibility that MSNBC is betting on. I never said it was a sure hit. I never indicated any personal hope for the program. When I said he was bringing in viewers, I meant for that particular time. He is getting some black and lefty viewers who normally do not watch much of any of the cable news programming, but he will have to get an awful lot more to get anywhere near Fox News. BTW my cable news network is Fox News. I will catch segments of Al Sharpton from time to time because he makes an interesting and controversial subject for blogging. Really, have you not seen the Breitbart TV site. They love him!

  2. Rev Al “Pompadour” Sharpton with his own hour to rant racial bigotry? First, he needs a haircut. Second, drop the ebonics and learn English. Third, are you kidding me, MSNBC?

  3. 87Marine, kidding you about what? Even with all that you said, according to media reports he initially drew some new viewers. And really, does he not fit in with the leftist MSNBC cable news network? The network does have a small share of viewers. As I said I am not a fan of Al Sharpton, but I am not a hater either. Some folks have such a dislike/hatred for the man that they can’t even take a non hating “wait and see” post about him. As for racial rants and bigotry go, so he joins others on all the cable and broadcast news networks that are accused of that spew. (according to our personal perceptions of racial bigotry)! I live in a household that wonders how I can watch Sean Hannity (or just about anything else on Fox News), they feel the same way about him having an hour to do that.

  4. It’s refreshing to watch Rev. Sharpton call out the GOP , and expose them for what they really are undercover bigots, that are too cowardly to state what their agenda really is: Bringing down the president even it means destroying the country.Sharpton is a brilliant man and even without journalist credentials, his life experiences equips him to engage in dialog on any given topic. He has been where few journalists have been ,engaged in the battles not just reporting on them. I am not black, but the man speaks truth. Msnbc would be a fool to get rid of him.

    1. Carol, I have family members in my household who feel as you do about Al Sharpton, but not me. As quiet as it is kept, there are plenty of non blacks who like Al Sharpton. Who are the cowards that can’t state their agenda? I see them going after the Pres. to make him a one-termer, because Pres. Obama’s policies are hurting this country. With this administration’s policies in place, what really has gotten better? If anything, things have gotten worse. I do see that Mr. Sharpton is bringing a voice that I have heard throughout my lifetime that has never really been out in the media on a national daily basis. I also know there are anti Obamaites due primarily to bigotry, but what has been done under the Obama Presidency is what is truly getting Pres. Obama in trouble. And really, is it that shocking that Republicans are on a mission to put the Pres. out of office in 2012? If Sen. McCain had won in 2008, would not the Democrats (and even harder, black Democrats) be on a mission now to make him a one-termer? Mr. Sharpton has those Democrat, liberal and leftist blinders on. Once you take them off as I did, you see a big difference. Unfortunately for Mr. Sharpton, the viewers are not sticking with him. He was a close 2nd to Fox News’ Bret Bair in the beginning. He is now in 3 rd place among the 3 cable news channels at the 6 p. m. hour. If someone else can bring in higher ratings at MSNBC, by next summer, Al Sharpton may go the route of his, 6 p. m.predecessor Cenk Uygur.

  5. The American people love you Al..You speak the truth and put light on roaches…so let them scatter…The good ol’ boy network is coming to its demise…Hang in there…We support you..

    1. @Brooklyn, would love to break into those Fox News ratings but I think there are too many right wing old people watching the line up. People who hate gays and are against abortion. Those are their only two reasons for hating the left.

  6. You can love Al Sharpton all you want, but if his viewer rating continue to decline, he will not be able to hang in there, because and MSNBC will replace him with someone who will get them better ratings. They did it to his predecessor and they will do it to him too.

  7. Wow Gwen, my post and the reactions really hit on your nerves! You have difficulty dealing with/accepting blacks on the right! Of course, I disagree with your idiot name calling (and I will not reciprocate). No way do I accept your statement about people who are against abortion also hate gays. But, then you most likely would not agree with my feeling of people who are pro abortion are obviously pro infanticide. Hate is a strong word. I strongly disagree as apposed to hating. One strong reason for disagreeing with the left as I see it, is their efforts for the government have more dominion over the individual.

    I just did another post on how Al Sharpton is doing. You say he is doing very well! Based on what? His ratings fluctuate from time to time, but he has lost some initial viewers. There are times when CNN’s 6 p.m. programming gets higher ratings and other times when Sharpton has better viewer ratings. Go to and click on the cable news rating button for the daily cable news ratings. You will see how Mr. Sharpton is really doing and how Fox News continues to obliterate both MSNBC and CNN.

    1. R_U, there is a liberal left audience for Mr. Sharpton of MSNBC. He has been going back and forth with his CNN competitor in the 6:00 P. M. time slot in who gets the higher viewer ratings. But now he is beating John King, his CNN competition (even though CNN’s primetime ratings have put them in 2nd place in cable news ratings war). Al Sharpton still has a long way to go to get anywhere near Bret Baier, his Fox News competition. So far Fox News at 6:00 P. M. have more viewers than MSNBC and CNN combined. Check out TV Newser for Cable News viewer ratings.

  8. adding the great al sharpton to the msnbc lineup was a smart move on behalf of msnbc. i will be watching the great one everyday go al!

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