MSNBC’s Higher Ratings with Al Sharpton!

So MSNBC is considering Rev. Al Sharpton for a permanent spot on its roster! He is doing the 6:00 P. M. hour most of July. Cenk Uygur who was the host for that hour since January was given his walking papers. Al Sharpton improved the ratings. You know MSNBC is on their knees yelling, “Thank You” to whomever. The are experiencing a sustained ratings increase. Something they have not seen, like forever! I do believe he is giving them real hope to catch up to Fox News for at least one hour.

As I read around the Internet, I am seeing protest to Al Sharpton getting his own cable news TV program. Some prefer Cenk Uygur and say he got a raw deal. Some are saying Mr. Sharpton is the left’s version of Glenn Beck and for that reason he should not have a TV platform for his views. I also read that MSNBC is caving to pressure to add persons of color to their white evening line up. The National Association of Black Journalist are even protesting MSNBC, because Al Sharpton in not a journalist. They believe news program should go to people with journalistic credentials.

With the cable news honchos, it is all about ratings. Of course journalistic credibility is important, but when a cable news network viewer ratings are far lower than the competition that it politically opposes and has just about reached the blood feud level, journalistic credentials lose out. MSNBC is going with someone who comes across wooden when in free format and umms and errs a lot when not on script, but (at least for now) he is bringing in some new viewers.