But He is Still Like Carter

When it comes to the continuing American military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan and the military actions in Libya, there is the morph of Pres. Obama from George W. Bush. During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama said he would quickly pull the military out of Iraq and Afghanistan. But Pres. Obama maintained and increased Bush military directives in those countries respectively. And even though the reports are that there are no ground troops, there is a United Sates military presence in Libya. Pres. Obama continuing and increasing on George Bush’s military policies has greatly disappointed many of his supporters.

Now when it comes to domestic policies, I am in the camp that sees Pres. Obama as most like former Pres. Jimmy Carter. Whether he will be a one term President like Jimmy Carter remains to be seen. We still have a lot of time before the 2012 presidential election really gets under way. We still do not have much of an idea of who will be the Republican presidential challenger. Listen to the following audio from the Laura Ingraham radio show.


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