Van Jones Again

The failed Coffee Party was a liberal leftist attempt to counter the TEA Party. Now  the far lefty and former Green Czar, Van Jones started anti TEA Party organization called The American Dream Movement. Mr. Jones says it is a grass-roots movement born among teachers, firefighters and nurses in Wisconsin that is spreading across America to stand up to Republican attacks on the middle class, especially the so-called gutting of worker’s rights. Quite a few folks are up in arms about the trend to decrease collective bargaining viewed as a basic right of workers. Well all the years I worked in a preschool and toddler classroom before moving on the director position, I never had collective bargaining rights. New work place policies  made effective whether I liked or did not like them. My only recourse to the policies that came across as just plain wrong was to find another job.

Of course this grass-roots American Dream Movement is co-sponsored by George and partners with nation’s largest unions, the AFL-CIO and the SEIU! Therefore, you have an inkling that this is deep left. Mr. Jones plans to go head to head with the TEA Party, the Republican Governors and keeping Barack Obama in the presidency for another 4 years.

Van Jones has not been that quiet. He is threatening Fox News and challenged Glenn Beck to a debate while snickering about Beck parting ways with Fox.  The likes of Minority House Leader, Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic Caucus are seeking him. Really, for what? It should be no surprise that Mr. Jones believes like Michael Moore that there is no debt, someone robbed the country and has the money under wraps somewhere. Watch video of this lefty thinking here, which is so ridiculous. I can’t believe that for a long time, this kind of thinking made some sense to me.

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