On Media Matters Quest to Take Down Fox News

There was a time when I paid some serious attention to David Brock and his left-wing (George Soros backed) watchdog organization, Media Matters. I read his book, The Republican Noise Machine, which is about his times as a conservative gay and then his crossing over to the opposing political side and is now a liberal lefty. Media Matters is a liberal leftist delight. Their animosity toward all things conservative is so out there that it even glows in the dark.

Media Matters’ biggest target is the Fox cable news channel who they definitely do not think is fair and balanced. They view Fox News as a wing in the Republican Party. They are throwing a lot of money up in the air in trying to bring down Fox News who to their revulsion continues to have more viewership than the other 2 major cable news channels combined for most of their programming. Plus, now it appears that the money they are throwing up in the air is coming from tax-free funds which is illegal. Read more here and here.


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