End of the Line for Anthony Weiner

So the end has come for Anthony Weiner. He finally succumbed to pressure from his Democratic congressional colleagues after saying he was not going anywhere and announced his resignation a little after 2:00 P. M. this afternoon. The heckling during his announcement was not necessary. He represented New York’s 9th congressional district. I will miss him on the cable news channels. He was one of the few Democratic congressionals that would come on with anyone on Fox News. Some will come on, but stay away from Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and growing in that category Megyn Kelly. Others do not step foot on Fox News. I did not agree with him one bit, but got a kick out of his feistiness. I agree with Bill O’Reilly that the liberal/left side lost one their most strong bombastic leaders.

What Anthony Weiner did with the sexting/tweeting and then lying without blinking an eye for several days cannot be defended. I know people point to Republican Louisiana Senator, David Vitter, but his prostitution thing came to light some years after it was over before becoming a Senator. Some scandals cause some to resign while others get through them and remain. Republican Mark Foley had to resign, former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford did not resign but paid enormous ethics violation fines. Democrats,  Rep. Charlie Rangel  Rep. Barney Frank did not have to resign over their scandals and remember Sen. Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick in 1969?  He continued to get reelected until his death in 2009 ended his Senate office.

As for Anthony Weiner, his current political aspirations are dead in the water for now. With the ever-growing progressive and anti fidelity attitudes toward marital sex and the fickle voting of the public, I think he can resurface as early as a few years and get reelected to something. He could also end up doing a program on cable news like the New York’s disgraced former Democratic Governor, Eliot Spitzer or talk radio like Mark Foley. I do hope his marriage can survive the damage he did to it.


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