Republican Presidential Candidates Pool in New Hampshire

I watched the Republican presidential debate from New Hampshire last night. All the candidates did well. Some better than others. The media pundits are naming Mitt Romney the winner, while everyday Republican folks are calling Michelle Bachmann the winner. The Ron Paul supporters flooded some websites that polled for the winner; therefore, you know who ended up the winner on those sites. I remember during the 2008 pre primary Republican presidential debates, they flooded many polls, but Ron Paul never got pass 15 percent in the Republican presidential primaries and caucuses.

Currently, I am a Tim Pawlenty fan ( that is not written in stone), but I do not think he fared as well as he did in the South Carolina debate, neither did Herman Cain. I do not think Romney had the luster attributed to him. I did like Michele Bachmann and as did many others. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul were not so bad either, but I definitely think that neither of these two men have much of a chance in getting the nomination. Newt Gingrich did okay for himself, but it will take more than a good showing in a debate to revive his campaign. He needs a miracle and that is a shame. I continue to have tiny soft spot in my heart for him even though he angered me with his past personal behavior, because he is such a man of ideas.

I heard totally opposing reactions from a few radio’s conservative talking heads. Rush Limbaugh liked what he heard in general from the debaters. He thought they were all good. Michael Savage did not really like any of them. Mr. Limbaugh liked their civility toward each other while attacking the policies of the Pres. Michael Savage and Mark Levin did not like it in the least. The civility kept the Republican presidential contenders from differentiating themselves from the pack.

I am also hearing conservatives not liking any of the Republican presidential contenders thus far and will not vote for any of them as the Republican presidential nominee. These people are willing to go with Pres. Obama being a 2 term President, because they will only vote for who makes their cut as a pure/perfect conservative. I do not like that at all. Please! If they are human, the purity is not  is not 100 percent and they are by no means perfect. These people are dangerous and receive much love from Obama supporters. Not voting or voting for some third-party candidate is a vote for the next Obama presidency.


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