They Are Dispelling the TEA Party Racism Charge

Oh, this is fabulous!

I know there are liberal leftist folks of all colors out there calling Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher names like racist skinhead, because he is bald and stands for individual freedom and responsibility and desires to prosper with less government. God bless him. Sorry to say it took me an awful long time (practically in my late 50s) to fully understand and take on those “Joe the Plumber” values.  For way too long, I viewed the Democrat and Republican Parties through liberal, left tunnel vision.

It is no surprise that Kevin Jackson (God bless him too!) gets called an Uncle Tom and other pejoratives used to define black conservatives and Republicans. He could care less and besides, people who use the Uncle Tom label as an insult don’t know they are really saying a complement. Harriet Beecher Stowe based the Uncle Tom character in her Uncle Tom’s Cabin on a real life slave named Josiah P. Henson who helped other slaves to escape as he escaped to freedom in Canada. Now whenever I read the Uncle Tom label in online comments, I share the information on Josiah P. Henson. Guess what? A few folks that I argue back and forth with have actually stopped using the Uncle Tom label.

I do not have my head in the sand, because I have read of negative racially insulting deeds of a few TEA Party individuals which resulted in a few apologies and a stepping down or two from a leadership position. They do not represent what the TEA Party stands for Taxed Enough Already. After all there are racists in liberal leftists organizations which are generally ignored. There are many who ascribe the KKK label to the TEA Party based on emotion without researching the facts. The KKK label is ridiculous and I am glad that these Two Nekkid Heads, Kevin Jackson and Joe Wurzelbacher are doing a national tour to dispel this racism thing.