Fidelity for this Man Thing Problem

In the them vs us battle between the Democrat liberal left and the Republican conservative right, I encounter some in the Democratic realm make a big to do when Republican politicians’ horny, sexual infidelities make their way to the public. Excuses or absolute quiet come into play when it is a Democrat with the horny, sexual infidelity problem.

The argument that I hear the most is that the Republicans are worst, because they claim to be the party of family values and the bible. I think that argument was right-on in times past. Today there are many Republicans trying to get away from the social religious right category of the Republican Party. Republicans are weakening on such social issues as same-sex marriage legality, as seen in the example of Republicans, Megan McCain, her mother Cindy McCain, former First Lady, Laura Bush and former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. The fiscal responsibility and the Constitution categories are at the forefront to represent the GOP these days and the social/religious based issues are further in the background.

With this Weinergate thing going on, I am hearing that this not so bad, Republicans are worse anyway and we need to focus on the important issues and move on and away from what Rep. Anthony Weiner allegedly did with his alleged crotch shot. And really, we do need to get on with more important issues, even though I believe he is dodging the reporters’ questions badly and coming across as just plain guilty.  I hope his wife forgives him.

As far as who is worse, these horny sexual infidelities are not a Republican or a Democratic thing. It is a man thing.  Some say it is a man with power thing, but I knew of  men in times past with regular every day jobs who continued the sexual infidelities even after they get caught.  All I can say is to stamp the word, Fidelity in your brain and remember your wedding vows.

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