We Are Still Here

The media really got into Harold Camping’s false prophesy that the Rapture would happen at 6:00 P. M. Saturday, May 21, 2011. I remember when he said the Rapture would occur in October of 1994. The media were not all over that pronouncement as they were all over this last one. Harold Camping’s version of biblical interpretation skewed off course a long time ago. After the 1994 debacle, he re-interpreted scriptures to say that the Lord no longer wanted us to attend and worship Him in a church. If we continue to attend church, we were in sin. By then he was no longer someone who I took seriously in bible teaching.

Mr. Camping has gone on to claim new revelations and continues to reinterpret scripture. He also ignores certain scriptures as he did when making the claim that the Lord was coming on Saturday. We are all still here! I do not know how anyone could take him seriously if they read their bible. Mr. Camping  has hurt the advancement of salvation through Jesus Christ. He is coming off as a crackpot preacher. And of course, there are many people out there who think he speaks the beliefs of most Christians. Another debacle for Mr. Camping! Well, at least this just might make those who listened to him about no longer going to church review and reexamine the scriptures on that issue.

The biblical scriptures are clear. Matthew 24:35-36,  Luke 12:39-40,  1 Thess. 5:2,  and Revelation 3:3 just to name a few let us know that we cannot know the precise time and date of the return of the Lord. Please be praying for Harold Camping.


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