A Forgotten Celebration

Did you remember today is Armed Forces Day? Established under Pres. Harry Truman’s administration in 1949, this indeed is a special day. The first celebration of Armed Forces Day took place on May 20, 1950. There is an alarming disrespect for the Armed Forces these days. During Sen. John McCain’s presidential run in 2008, there was an unbelievable amount of mocking of his time as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam and his naval service in general. In an urban radio chat room, someone mocked another chatter’s relative for serving in Iraq, by calling the military person a murderer. Now you know that was unconscionable.

I have great respect for those who serve and put their lives on the line in the protection of this country.  I salute our Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. God bless the Armed Forces.


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