Democratic Blue Philly

I spent most of my life in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Seven years ago, I moved some 20 miles (or more) northwest of the city. I still read Philly newspapers and listen to Philly talk radio. Philly has not changed politically one bit. It is a very Democratic blue town. You can always count on Philly to deliver the Democratic vote. I remember back in 1984 when the late Ronald Reagan was running for re-election against Democratic challenger, Walter Mondale. It was no contest. Ronald Reagan won the country, except Minnesota, the District of Columbia and the city of Philadelphia. A month before the election, Mondale came to Philly where the people exalted him. People skipped and danced around him as he walked on Chestnut Street downtown.

Philly just had a primary election yesterday, May 17th. It is still safe to say that whoever wins the Democratic Mayoral Primary is Philly’s next mayor. The current Mayor, Michael Nutter won the Democratic Primary yesterday. He will most likely win re-election in November. If he does not, it will be one of the biggest upsets ever. The Philly Mayoral election will be national news. There is talk of a challenge from former Democratic Mayor John Street as an Independent. If that happens, John Street would have a better chance at victory than the Republican challenger.

Two people, Karen Brown and John Featherman competed to be the Republican Mayoral candidate. As of this post, the vote totals are too close; therefore, there is still no declared victor. Now Mayor Nutter’s primary challenge was Milton Street (John Street’s Brother). Go here to get a clue on Milton Street, then be surprised that he received 24 percent of the Democratic vote. To get a better idea of how Republicans have a long way to go for a Republican Mayoral victory, Milton Street’s 24 percent was over twice as many votes than the votes of the 2 Republican challengers combined. Just look at the top 2 panels.