Views on Some of the In and Out Republican Presidential Hopefuls.

I am glad Donald Trump decided pulled himself out of the presidential run. When he first came on the scene toying with a presidential candidacy, he caught my positive attention with his comments about what China was wrongly doing to this country and the notion that we are a laughing-stock around the world. When he became like the ‘head Birther,’ he lost it with me. I, like Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter believe that Pres. Obama was born outside this country.

Really, to me,  Donald Trump’s mannerisms when going off on the birth certificate and the college records started to resemble those of the late Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini. As I stated in a previous post in relation to Herman Cain, I am a little uneasy for now with the idea of someone being President without ever holding elective office. I was also uncomfortable with the notion that there were people on the conservative side that were ready to vote for Trump mostly because he took the lead on the Birther issue.

I was a Huckabee supporter around this time during the early days of the last presidential race. I was not quick to jump on his possible candidacy this time around, because of the possible new Republican challengers. Well anyway, he decided not to run for President. But I continue to love Mike Huckabee. In a little semi-related tidbit. When my Democrat voting mother viewed his very first show on Fox News, she marveled at the way he talked to Bill Maher about God and Jesus Christ. Up until that show, she only viewed the former Gov. as a failed ‘also ran’ Republican presidential candidate. She did not know that he was also a Baptist minister.  Mother now has a touching soft spot in her heart for Mike Huckabee. Who knows, if he had decided to get into the 2012 presidential race, he just might have gotten her vote.

I have grown to like Newt Gingrich, but not enough for now to consider voting for him in the 2012 presidential race. I liked his book, Real Change, which changed my view of him to one of a man of some great ideas. I am not happy with how he tried to explain away his past personal behavior and do not like his present attack on Rep. Paul Ryan.

Mitt Romney’s version of Obamacare established in Massachusetts when he was the Governor is a rather strong negative for me, but I will not completely discount him. I do not care for the libertarian, Ron Paul. I will not totally discount my former Senator, Rick Santorum, but I do not see him going too far in the Republican Primaries. It is not etched in stone, but for now I am liking Tim Pawlenty. He is not perfect, but I like what I am hearing  from him so far. As I listen and learn more about the possible Republican presidential candidates, my conservative choice for President may change.

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