Not So Difficult to Stop Smoking!

Steve Kelley Cartoon

Are you kidding! The head of cigarette maker Philip Morris International Inc. said that quitting cigarette smoking is not that difficult. A person in my family/friend circle smoked cigarettes all the time I was growing up. She attempted numerous times to quit. Her need for cigarettes sent family members out at all times within a 24 hour day to buy a pack of cigarettes. She saw her cigarette smoking as an addiction.

When she asked the Lord to come into her life, she made the decision to quit for good, but that only lasted a few months. A year or two later, she made her final attempt at quitting and has not smoked since.  Fortunately (Praise the Lord), she did not end up like those in the 2nd panel in the cartoon, because she quit decades ago and is still around to talk about it. A former co-worker’s husband was not as fortunate. When he quit cigarettes, it was too late. Lung cancer quickly took his life. Cigarettes are truly addictive death sticks.