Bin Laden Victory: No Sour Grapes Here

The reactions that I have observed  from folks on the conservative side to Navy Seals assassination of Osama Bin Laden under Pres. Obama is mostly coming across to me like severe sour grapes.  Some even doubt that Bin Laden is dead or at least think the story is fishy. I, like conservative Sean Hannity who has no love for Pres. Obama is giving credit to him for the Bin Laden victory, but many conservatives on Facebook and through online columns and blogs are not. Some have come down hard on Mr. Hannity for giving credit to the President.

Many are making a big deal out of the Pres. with his “I”s and “Me”s in his speech from Sunday evening. The Pres. does do that a lot in his speeches, but so what in view of what this is meaning to those who lost family members, relatives, friends and co-workers on September 11, 2001. My heart is with them.

I do believe that enhanced interrogation under the George W. Bush administration and Pres. Obama continuing Bush’s military engagement policies contributed to the demise of Bin Laden. There are many conservatives out there that cannot stand the fact that the Bin Laden met his end on Pres. Obama’s watch. I am okay if everyone comes together like they did during 9/11. Really, it is not going to last too long, because our domestic problems and the solutions sought so far continue  to divide us.

Some of the conservative right and lefty liberals alike are playing down the Bin Laden victory. From the right, I saw comments of so what to Bin Laden’s death and wanting to get back to more important things; and from leftists, I saw comments about wasting all that money on one terrorist. I heard one liberal leftist on the radio make a bigger deal about American foreign policy being the cause of death and destruction  around the world being more important than the lives lost on 9/11. He saw that horrific day as reaping what this country has sown abroad.

These negative reactions said nothing about our military. It is not too surprising that the reactions from the left side may not care about our excellent military, especially the Navy Seals, but on the right side? Some despise Pres. Obama so much, that they do not want give the military any credit. In order to come against the Pres., they are shutting their eyes tight to the Navy Seals and the rest of the military. They are also shutting their eyes tight on those who lost love ones due to Bin Laden. Shame on them! See more on what Bin Laden wrought here. See reactions from Dave Beamer, father of Tod Beamer of Flight 93 here.