Some More Nasty Rhetoric and Incivility

After the shooting at a shopping center in Arizona that killed and seriously wounded people including Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, the charge coming from the Democratic liberal side was that there was too much nasty rhetoric and incivility in a our debates. I know people who feel that the man, Jared Loughner charged with the shootings, is a Nazis skinhead and the rhetoric against the first black president, his administration and his Democrat supporters triggered that tragic shooting. Of course, those folks are good and blind to the tactics on the liberal left that bring on nasty rhetoric and incivility.

The latest in the state union led fight against Scott Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin continues in insulting rhetoric and incivility. Remember Gov. Walker was able to get a law passed that put serious curbs on state union collective bargaining, but that law is on hold due to a legal challenge. The opposition is going after the businesses who supported the Gov., by placing anti-Walker stickers on their products (Stick it to Walker).  Go here and scroll down through the images for examples of the words on the stickers. Talking about nasty rhetoric and incivility!

Here is another from a liberal lefty using nasty rhetoric and being totally uncivil. This person says nothing is off-limits anymore and put up a Facebook page with almost 70 likers so far going after the youngest child of Sarah Palin who has Down syndrome. The title of the page is, Trig Palin is a F#@&%$ Retard. The “F”ing word is properly spelled out on the page. I feel you should be appalled regardless of where you stand politically, but I am sure some of you reading this are laughing out loud. Shame on you!

Well, on Facebook, there are many pages with nasty rhetoric and incivility on all sides of the political and social realm. Personally, I take the high ground and do not hit the “Like” button to those type of pages on the conservative right going after the President or anyone on the liberal left.  Really, it is despicable.