Franklin Graham on the O’Reilly Factor

Did you see Franklin Graham on the O’Reilly Factor? The interview started out on the political but turned to questions on whether there is a hell and Bill O’Reilly’s belief which many share about good people who do not know about Jesus Christ could not end up in hell. Those of us who are under the saving grace of the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ know the truth. After they get off of the  birth certificate and Mr. O’Reilly trying to pin down Franklin Graham on not supporting Pres. Obama, the conversation gets good. Franklin Graham responds without mincing words in presenting the Gospel. It was great hearing him quote John 3:16 and John 14:6 to Mr. O’Reilly. We need to be praying about what Bill O’Reilly heard and that the quoted scriptures remain and dance in his head to make him see that Jesus Christ is the only way and want His salvation. If you missed it, here is the video.