Total Act of Liberation!

Today, quite a few parents would be appalled at hearing another parent threatening to kill or use other words that convey the same sentiment to their son or daughter. The parents would be threatening this to their offspring, if they considered or actually did something in defiance to parental authority and caused great trouble. Such terms like, “girl (or boy), I’ll kill you” or like what Bill Cosby said to Theo in the Bill Cosby show pilot episode, “I brought you into this world and I will take you out” were highly charged angry talk. When I heard that kind of talk from my mother, I knew she did not mean it. Like others who heard those kind of parental threats, especially in the teen years,  I knew it meant a punishment of extra house work assignments of the dirtiest kind and extreme restrictions on fun activities for a while and even receive the back of her hand somewhere on my body.

I am not saying all, but when Muslim fathers and other male family leaders threaten to kill their daughters and female and male relatives, they mean it. We do hear reports of what is known as honor killing. Mostly we hear about fathers killing daughters who in some way has brought dishonor to the Muslim family like ingesting much of western culture. There have also been instances of male siblings and other male relatives killing a suspected or declared gay male member in the family.

I do not understand Muslims migrating to the western cultures of United States, Canada and European countries and thinking that the children they raise will remain completely inside the Islamic culture of the country they left. Muslim actress, Sila Sahin raised in Germany by strict Muslim Turkish parents, posed for Playboy magazine. She said her posing was a total act of liberation from the restrictions placed in her. Liberation from Islam! Her posing also brought out the fury of enraged Muslims who feel she has gone way down the decadent road of westernization, disgraced Islam and must pay for what she had done.

Ms. Sahin really pushed the button! What was she thinking! Her parents are extremely angry to say the least (as would many parents regardless of faith or culture), but her father is not making public death threats to her. Ms. Sahin is getting public death threats from within the Muslim community. Read more here.

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