Entitlement Attitudes

I often hear people using the “pursuit of happiness” from the Constitution in defending the maintaining of government entitlements. Many see entitlements as fundamental rights, but they are not fundamental rights. Many see free health care as a God-given right that should be funded by the government. Regardless of the possible terrible and/or tragic outcomes to those who can’t afford healthcare or health care coverage through employment, it is not a right.

There are a growing number of folks out there that want the government to meet more of our needs than it is doing now. The fact that this desire for growing government is taking us further down the road that leads to pure socialism is not so wrong anymore to folks. The “What is wrong with socialism?” question comes up more and more.

Zo ( AlfonZo Rachael ) can really get a point across. Listen to Zo break it down on pursuit of happiness and fighting socialism.

2 thoughts on “Entitlement Attitudes

  1. I know some of you like Jonathan dont buy the income tax as stealing ideas that I lean towards but I think this is a clear case of government overstepping its bounds and using its power to destroy a group of people that at the current time is being blamed for our problems. ………..I find it ironic that the government is blaming mortgage companies for the subprime loan fiasco when in reality the ..So for those of you who are still trying to catch up this is how things work in America.

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