Angry Louis Farrakhan

Well Louis Farrakhan of the Nation Of Islam just became another example against the well accepted notion out there that blacks politically support blacks no matter what. Mr. Farrakhan is good and angry with Pres. Obama for taking military action against Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, after calling him the Messiah in the past. See the following video of Louis Farrakhan going off on Pres. Obama with radio host Cliff Kelley on WVON-AM 1690 Chicago .

How about Mr. Farrakhan asking Pres. Obama, “Who in the hell do you think you are?” There is some uproar, but nothing nowhere near what it would be if a white person had said that. Mr. Farrakhan is obviously siding with his Muslim buddy, Muammar Gaddafi. He sides with Muslim whatever,  which should be of no surprise. Gee, what next? Will Mr. Farrakhan be supporting or calling a death fatwa out on the President? How will that run in the black community?


3 thoughts on “Angry Louis Farrakhan

  1. ………Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is the latest to weigh in on the great Ground Zero mosque debate. Predictably Farrakhan gave fulsome backing to building the mosque at the controversial spot. But Farrakhan took it a step further and just as predictably gave it a racial spin.

  2. Browsing around I came across the fact that in November the churchs newsmagazine The Trumpet that it plans to honor Louis Farrakhan this winter at its Sounds of the Shore gala with an Empowerment Award. Apparently Rev. Wright himself of Farrakhan…. When Minister Farrakhan speaks Black America listens says the Rev.

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