What Goes Around Comes Around

Remember Juan Williams being fired from National Public Radio (NPR) for stating  his reaction to being on the same plane with Muslims dressed in their cultural garb? Some on the liberal left were okay with the firing, because they felt Mr. Williams was extremely out of line and was in hate speech territory. Some on the conservative right were glad to see him fired by fellow liberals.

Juan Williams identifies himself as a liberal.  There are a lot liberals that do not see him that way. Some liberals view him as a self-hating black conservative. That misconception is because he is not a far leftist liberal and he continually appears on Fox News, which most on the left loathe. Therefore, even some liberals where happy to see Juan Williams terminated.

Initially, NPR bosses patted themselves on the back for what they did to him before the public backlash came and strengthened. Mr. Williams did not suffer much from being terminated, because Fox augmented his presence on the cable news channel. He also received a lucrative book deal. Now the firing that he received has gone around to two that took part in his firing. First it was the Vice President in charge of news, Ellen Weiss.

Now, CEO, Vivian Schiller who said and later apologized for saying that Mr. Williams needed to be in therapy suffered quick termination today in relation to another controversy.  She was to leave NPR for a new position, but her resignation was not until May 2nd.  How often does anyone terminated go on to something better and get to see (but have no part in) anyone involved in their termination suffer termination less than 6 months later? In relation to Ellen Weiss and Vivian Schiller, what goes around, comes around.



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