I Use to Like Michael Moore

I  use to  like Michael Moore. I remember enjoying his book, Stupid White Men, which was about white men having privilege and high access in this life. I even helped his book sales by reading it to and from work on the bus back in 2003. It should be no surprise that most reactions to the book came from black men, especially when they found out the author was white. I would always hear, “I am going to get that book.” Most did not know anything about Michael Moore, but a few knew of his far leftist positions on the issues. I liked him for coming out for the little guy, while ignoring his far left bent.

Michael Moore, an oxymoron who worked his way into the millionaire ranks through capitalism, acts as if he is a struggling underpaid overworked line level employee. He is all for socialist/communist solutions to worker issues. Mr. Moore really thinks it is all right to just take other people’s money for any financial solution.  It’s a national resource! Here is a snippet of his speech at the Madison, Wisconsin teacher/public union protest.

Go here if you want to hear the entire speech.

This country is broke and the states have terrific shortfalls in their budgets. Michael Moore is coming across like a people’s republic comrade. Who does not want the best education for children? But the money isn’t there and we have to do the best with what we have, not spending with what we do not have. We have to deal with  money that is not there for employee benefits. We must redirect the course from the paths taken in the past that got us to the horrific economical state we are in now. After, Wisconsin and Ohio, my state of Pennsylvania is up next. Gov. Corbett just unveiled PA’s budget and as you can imagine, there are deep cuts. There are already Michael Moore thinking people in PA  going into attack mode.


2 thoughts on “I Use to Like Michael Moore

  1. Hi Bev, Michael Moore was never my favorite. His liberal agenda condemned every view from the right. Why is anyone listening to him anyway? What brilliant ideas does he have that will help this country. Although there does seem to areas in both the right and the left that need re-evaluation, someone the liberal agenda is leading this country to bankruptcy. And, oh yeah, unlike Larry Elder’s book, Stupid Black Men, where Larry tries to let the African Americans understand that the liberal agenda will only keep them in bondage, Moore’s book just states his agenda.
    Bev, you are right on. I love your site!

  2. Thank you, Marianne. BTW after I went conservative, I did read Larry Elder’s Stupid Black Men. I highlighted it on my Recommended Readings sticky page for a while on my former blog, Conservative Minority.

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