Nailing That Spin on Wisconsin Doctor/Teacher Fraud

I love Megyn Kelly of Fox News. She is a former litigator. From what I see of her  interviews (and sometimes interrogations)  on her program, America Now, she nails folks to the wall who attempt to control the interview with their own spin. Ms. Kelly would not let Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association President, Mike Langyel turn the interview away from on her question of whether he condoned doctors in Wisconsin giving out fraudulent medical excuse notes to protesting teachers.

These medical notes are lies, because the protesting teachers are not sick, hurt, or in need of time for any kind of healing. I wonder how the teachers who are parents and use the lying doctor’s notes, explain their actions to their children. Most likely, these parents are quick to discipline their own children for being willfully involved in anything that smacks of lying and fraud. Check out Megyn Kelly and Mike Langyel going at it.

I love it when Ms. Kelly says,    “For better or for worse, I’m the anchor and you’re the guest, so I’ll come up with the questions and you can answer them or not.”



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