Do you not love this civility thing? I mean it being made an issue by those on the liberal left. One Congressman even thinks there should be a civility watchdog group! Those on the conservative right get the incivility label. As I read left and right centered comments from various online venues on the Obama administration, Congress, and anything else political or cultural, civility seems to be a problem throughout the political spectrum.

The liberal left putting blame on the conservative right is really like the pot calling the kettle black. I know from my own personal experiences, expressing a conservative viewpoint in liberal, left online venues especially when the venue consist particularly of black commenters.  I just enrage them with my “I left group black think” comment. I also anger leftist liberals who are not black. I made a guy angry over my conservative view on homosexuality. Oh, did he let the name calling and curse words fly! The name calling doesn’t bother me, because that is usually an indication of a no proof based argument. I stay on point and do not respond with name calling. The cursing does get a little unsettling, but I do a pretty good job of ignoring it.

Now, the latest case of incivility is in the  current protest happening in Wisconsin over budget cuts against public worker unions demands. Just take a look at this video.


One thought on “Incivility

  1. The Left s special antipathy for female and ethnic minority Republicans is a well-recorded truth in conservative circles. By roaming off the ideological reservation gay conservatives shatter the false narrative of wild-eyed Republican homophobia a fable the Left has long used to malign the Right and plunder the gay electorate. In response to a post I penned criticizing the gay Left s fundraising tactics one reader of this blog exhorted that when organizations that fight for OUR sic rights just dissolve and disappear and when we go back to the days before Stonewall I d like to see you survive emphasis added . Grandstanding lamentations that invoke a pre-civil rights America is common in liberal demagoguery.

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