Comparing Pres. Obama to What President!

Henry Payne Cartoon

People on the Right and Left are finding Time’s Magazines comparisons of Pres. Obama to the late former Pres. Ronald Reagan insulting for obviously different reasons. The Right views Pres. Obama in the liberal leftist, socialist, communist and incompetent vein. For many he has topped former Pres. Jimmy Carter as the worst President ever; thus, the comparison to Ronald Reagan is preposterous.

The Left views the Ronald Reagan presidency as one of the worst, if not the worst.  Mean,  hypocritical, double-dealing and for some, racist comes to mind when looking back on the his presidency. One of my parents who sometimes voted for moderate Republicans did not consider him to be their president like in the same way some folks today consider Pres. Obama not to be their president.

All of this stems from the reports of the Pres. reading a book on Ronald Reagan. I have heard comments on local liberal radio questioning the validity of Pres. Obama doing that. I can understand why the Pres. Obama looks to how former Presidents governed, handled the opposition and crises whether they be Democrat or Republican. After all, Pres. Obama shares with the late Ronald Reagan the unique and  exclusivity of being President of the United States. Finally, as for the editorial cartoon, personally, I think it is spot-on.



One thought on “Comparing Pres. Obama to What President!

  1. ……………………President Ronald Reagan who would have turned 100 on Sunday has long been a hero without equal among Republicans. But the 40th president has more recently been adopted as a kind of patron saint by the countrys leading Democrat…President Obama has immersed himself in Reaganalia Hes written a op-ed praising Reagan for understanding the American peoples hunger for change.

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