Who Really Has it Better?

Our First Lady, Michelle Obama gets insulted constantly by her detractors. The personal attacks on her looks and a certain lower part of her anatomy never cease. I am not in league with the First Lady’s general political beliefs, but that does not give me cause to make personal nasty attacks against her. Whenever I chime in with my opinion on the personal attacks against her on various online venues, I get a lot of, “She’s no Halle Berry.” True, she is not! I mean the differences go beyond physical appearance and perceptions of beauty. Really, so much deep emphasis on superficial appearance coming from supposedly mature adults!

When it comes to husband and family, whose in the better situation? Is it Halle Berry or Michelle Obama? Where has Ms. Berry’s attractiveness got her in that domain? Let’s see. She has two ex husbands. One of them said he had a sex addiction in explanation of his cheating on her and then retracted that statement a few years later. Now if attractiveness like Ms. Berry possess is of key importance, why would her second husband still seek other women for sexual intimacy?

Since her two marriages, Ms. Berry gave birth to daughter with her now ex lover. I am from the (and increasingly disregarded) old school and biblical belief that  a mother gives birth with a husband.  And now, she and the lover are in a battle that is getting quite ugly over the custody of their young daughter. Despite how you estimate the appearance of Michelle Obama, in the husband/family department, she has it better than Halle Berry.


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