Bullied While Adults Ignored the Cries for Help

What happen to this middle school student on the other side of Philly in the Borough of  Upper Darby is awful. This 13-year-old male student, Nadin Khoury experienced being jumped on, beat up, thrown in a tree, chased and  hung by his coat on a fence by a gang of teens.  One of his attackers even did a cell phone video and put it on Youtube. This bullying is so wrong and can in no way be condoned. You have to wonder about the kind of homes these teen bullies come from!

Now, as I am typing, I am listening to this bullying story being discussed on a local talk radio program. There are male callers saying  what happened is not so bad. You know, the “boys will be boys” attitude. So I already have a partial answer. The answer was complete after hearing in the local news that some of the parents of the attackers  said that their sons’ (alleged) bullying actions were a part of life.

As awful as this incident is, I find it even more disturbing that adults who heard this boy’s cries for help, ignored him. One woman saw him hanging and kept on walking. What in the world is going on?  How can you ignore the cries of  a boy hanging on a fence? If there is a defense for the unconscionable choice to not respond, I want to hear it. A couple of reports say someone called 9/11. If this is true, God bless that person and God bless the woman who did stop, chased the gang away,  and drove Nadin to his home. Read more here with news video of Nadin’s response included here.

Note: The police quickly rounded up 6 out of the 7 attackers and now the 7th teen is in police custody.




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