The Republican House

The House Republicans voted unanimously, thus out voting the Democrats to repeal the health care law. I know this is thrilling for people against the health care law a.k.a. Obamacare, but it is really ceremonial. The law has to get through the Democratic majority Senate. If it makes it out of there, Pres. Obama will veto it. I agree with Tucker Carlson and others that feel the Republicans should go after parts of the law, such as the aspects that hurt small businesses and requires for some to purchase health insurance or face a fine and/or possible jail time. I am sure many of us like the part of the law that stops the denial of medical coverage due to preexisting conditions.  Well if the repeal passes it will be a surprise to me.

While the Democrats where still enjoying their filibuster-proof majority, I continually heard and read local comments of how the Republicans were the “Party of No,” because they were against Pres. Obama and that they never came up with any solutions on their own. Off course that is not true. Republican bills at that time where completely ignored by the Democratic leadership of both houses of Congress.

The majority party does ignore and keeps the minority party from doing anything. It was like that when the Republicans had the majority in both Congressional Houses during years of the George W. Bush Presidency. I remember then Sen. Hilary Clinton saying how the Republicans controlled everything and put down anything that the Democrats tried to do.

Well now with the Republicans in control of the House, there is a chance for them to do something regardless of the Democratic Senate majority and the presidential veto power. Remember constitutionally, the President cannot spend money without congressional approval. Think about Pres. Obama going to the House for spending approval!

The Republicans have their own version of health care for this country which we should  be hearing about soon. One of the things they have started doing in their majority position is introducing a bill to stop federal funding of abortion.  I think battle wise, things are going to get real interesting between the Republican House and the Democratic Senate and Pres. Obama.


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