Get Rid of Those Rehired Central Falls High School Teachers

Okay, what is with Rhode Island’s Central Falls High school? If you recall, the school district fired ill performing teachers. They legally fought their firings and won. They returned to their jobs. One would think that these teachers would be grateful for the outcome. How many people are you personally aware of being fired and then have the termination revoked and return to work? In these downed economic times when people are being laid off regardless of how well they perform their job duties, getting a chance to return to work after being fired is very rare. One would think the teachers would return to work with a mind for success. So why are many of rehired ┬áCentral Falls High School teachers playing the game of call out? Most importantly, why are they hurting their students’ education?

To be rehired, the teachers agreed to work a longer school day, undergo more rigorous evaluations and provide more after-school tutoring, but they are calling out instead. They sure do not care about their personal integrity and being viewed as liars. These selfish teachers are getting back at those who fired them and saying to H#!! with the students. There is a prevailing negative attitude about the teaching profession, such as seen in TV programing i.e. teachers being the butt of jokes on comedy shows. There is also the proverbial saying, “Those who can, can, but those who can’t teach.”

I have the highest regard for school teachers. What these Central Falls High School teachers are doing is furthering negative attitudes of classroom teaching and doing great damage to their students’ education. That school district needs Gov. Chris Christie and Michelle Rhee. Shame on those Falls High Teachers. Since they are not doing what they agreed to do to be rehired, they need to be fired for good this time and not just from teaching in that highs school but from the teaching profession. Read more about it here.