No to a Plea Deal for a Honor Killing Suspect

There maybe a plea deal in the works for Faleh Hassan Almaleki. He allegedly honor killed his 20-year-old daughter,  Noor Faleh Alamleki by running her over with his car and injuring the mother of her boyfriend who was walking with his daughter in Peoria, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona in the fall of 2009.  He felt his daughter had become too westernized. Really, living in this country in your formative years is going to westernize you somewhat, regardless of parental control with middle eastern values. Noor Faleh Alamleki refused an arranged marriage and was living with her boyfriend and his parents. After the committing of the crime, he tried to escape to England, but denied entry into the country.

Why the plea deal? Is this not first degree murder? Honor killing is premeditated. What are the prosecutors thinking? Are they afraid to come across as being bigoted against Islam and Muslims? This plea deal better not be true. Anything less than first degree murder gives credence to the Muslim male’s right to kill females within their family structure who they have deemed to have brought dishonor in some way on the family name. Judge and executioner! Some reports say that Mr. Alamleki confessed to honor killing his daughter.  I heard on an evening cable news program that his defense is using the Sharia right to honor kill on religious grounds. Oh please! Is this more Sharia creeping? Read more here.