Read the Entire Constitution, No Exclusions

Republican and some Democrat Congressional Representatives took part in reading of the U. S. Constitution today. The Republican House Majority have put the reading in from time to time as a part of new Congressional rules.. Portions of the Constitution were left out of today’s reading. I feel it was wrong not to read the entire Constitution. There is nothing to hide. The exclusions just gave a bit of ammunition to the liberal left representatives who do not take the document seriously, although they swore to uphold it.

One excluded part that sparked the most controversy is the three fifths clause in Article 1,  Section 2.  The three fifths  of other persons refers to black slaves. Come on! Who does not know that slavery was a part of this country? The Constitution allows for change and correction through the amendment process. The abolishment of slavery is in the Constitution’s 13th Amendment . See what else was left out of the reading, here.

I like the other new rule of requiring citation of constitutional authority for any proposed bill.  Who has a problem with that?  Well, I can think of a few. Just think,  the liberal leftist character, Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-New York (He is a lot of fun to watch) going about combing the Constitution for authority for a proposed bill!


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