The Other Culprits in the New York City Snow Mess

On Facebook, I posted a my reaction to Mayor Bloomberg’s first response to the criticism of the dreadful condition New York City was in due to lack of snow removal. I thought he was highly insensitive. After all, ambulances became stuck in the 2 feet of snow while people died waiting for them. A woman while waiting for a stuck ambulance and gave birth. Due to delayed medical attention, the baby died. Mayor Bloomberg changed his tone after the number of snow related deaths hit the news and became quite apologetic. Well, he should not get all the blame. There are others more culpable.

It is now being told of how New York City Sanitation Department bosses gave the order to back off on the snow removal as a protest to budget cuts and layoffs. I wonder do these bosses realize their orders for work stoppage are responsible for the deaths! When they got word of the baby’s death, I wonder how they tried to defend themselves! Well, no matter their defense to the public, their consciences should hit then like a searing firebrand. The New York City Sanitation bosses have a lot to answer for. Their actions were criminal.

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