2011: Happy New Year


Happy New year one and all! I cannot wait to experience what 2011 will bring into my life. I continue to pray for an economic turn around that will increase employment and a decreasing deficit. As far as the political goes, we will get bombarded with the pre-primary Republican presidential debates starting in the early summer. Even though some conservative pundits are still talking Hilary Clinton challenging Pres. Obama in his efforts for a 2nd term. At this point, I really do not see him getting any Democratic challenges of any major significance. It will be really interesting to see the cause and effect (or possibly the lack thereof) of the new Republican House majority. The swearing-in of the 112th takes place on Jan 5th.

Southeastern PA is starting the New Year with the weather a little on the warm side. Today, we will see highs from the upper 40s to lower 50s. That is great for those in the Philly area celebrating the New Year by heading to downtown Philly to watch the Mummer’s Parade. It is always better to have warmer weather when you are outside for hours watching a parade. It is also ridding us of southeastern PA’s evidence of the first snow storm of the season.

Personally, I met the New Year in prayer at my church after my pastor gave a challenging message on obedience to the Lord. The 2011 theme is “Mission Possible” and this mission is “Making disciples that love God, and share His love with the world.” I am spending the rest of New Year’s day at home, reading, watching some TV, roaming the Internet and eating. May you experience in full the rich blessings of the Lord in your life throughout this new year.


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