Random Thoughts On Christmas

This year’s season of the Christmas wars is about to come to an end. The battle to do away with Christmas has evolved from the days of arguing over Santa Claus and the Christ centered side of Christmas to totally ignoring it all together, even though our government made it a national holiday a long time ago. Many Schools and child cares have done away with the Christmas celebration altogether. When I was in the child care classroom, I worked for a well-known church organization. Christmas celebrations and gift giving to the children dominated the month of December.

I am a ‘Merry Christmas’ person and avoid saying ‘Happy Holidays’ at all cost. I do say Happy Hanukkah, because it is a celebration of God’s people (Israel) getting  freedom from the oppressive Syrian-Greek before the birth of Christ. I do not recognize Kwanzaa, because it is a celebration against the Lord Jesus Christ. Some people see it as just a historical cultural celebration of a set of principles. When Kwanzaa celebrations first came on the scene in this country, some taught that those principle were originally gods. The originator of the American Kwanzaa celebration, Ron Karenga despises the God of the bible. Please do not make the mistake of stereotyping black people in general  as Kwanzaa celebrators.

Christmas to me is not Santa Claus all though there is a Christian connection through the German moniker, Kriss Kringle which derives from Christ Child. The Santa Claus image that was given to me for a short time as a child had nothing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ. What I was given was a myth and a lie. My mother ended the Santa Claus thing with me early, because she did not like me believing that an imaginary character was responsible for the gifts under the Christmas tree. She made it clear that the gift came from my father and her, because they loved me.

In my household today, everyone believes Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Some say Christmas is pagan, but that is not so. Go here to read more. It is all about the birth of the Savior, who is God’s gift of eternal life to us. Linus explains it well in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.