McDonald’s: Child in Charge

A mother with  assistance from the Center for Science in the Public Interest is suing (not for money) McDonald’s to change the menu or stop the inclusion of toys. The 6-year-old daughter evidently calls the shots with the mother on eating at McDonald’s. The mother does not like the high calorie, sodium and fat foods in the happy meal. She also does not like the toys in the meals that play a manipulating role for her child in getting to eat at a McDonald’s. Read and see what I am talking about here.

I am asking what other people are asking. Why does she not tell her 6-year-old daughter no? There was no McDonald’s in and around Philly until I was in high school, but there were popular hot dog and hamburger eateries. There were plenty of times my mother said no to getting a hot dog or a burger. If I looked like I was going to cry and cause any kind of scene, my mother told me that I would catch it right where I stood.  When they were younger, my twin nieces learned early to take no for answer from their mother and even from me when anywhere near a McDonald’s.

The mother’s response to the question on why not say no  tells me that the daughter is in charge when it comes to deciding about eating at McDonald’s. Instead of trying to force the fast food chain to change its menu, the mom should take a series of classes on assertive parenting or get some pointers from her grandmother and/or great aunts.

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