Getting Urkeled!

If you remember the Steve Urkel character from the old TV show, Family Matters, you remember his held up high watered pants. At the Westside Middle School in Memphis, Tennessee, the principle,  Bobby White instituted a policy of school staff cinching the baggy sagging below the waist pants on the ground worn by students with a plastic zip tie that leaves the student with their pants in a  high watered position like the Steve Urkel character. It is working.  The school is seeing an 80% drop in the dropped down pants  on the ground wear.

Will being Urkeled continue to work or will  it evolve from an embarrassment into being  a cool thing as suggested by a columnist, Paul Shepard?  Could parents and/or student rights’ groups  find some legal way to stop it? I do not like that thuggish sagging below the waist look. Principal White says the sagging pants give off a negative image and will not lead to success in our society. I agree.  Some people feel, the sagging pants on the ground is just a phase of growing up. I disagree, because I see and know men in their 30s wearing the sagging below the waist pants. It looks awful.



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