No Uproar From Me Over This Mass Firing

I can’t get angry over people being terminated from their jobs due to their undocumented status. The word, undocumented is another word that means illegal to me. There was a mass firing of Chipotle Restaurant employees in Minnesota and of course, there is an uproar coming from an illegal immigrant’s rights group. Some people see it as an attack on immigrant workers in general. Immigrants who are in this country legally are finding themselves in the same group with those who did not obey the laws for legal immigration. The ‘illegal’ distinction is disappearing.

In the case of this mass firing, it is the result of an I-9 audit to find out if there are immigrants and then if those immigrants are legal for employment. From my child care director days, the state inspectors that were responsible for my centers, always went through each classroom employee records. There had to be proof of citizenship or legal immigrant status in their file. If it wasn’t, a few weeks were given to provide the proof before the inspector came back. If proof is not provided, that person is no longer an employee . The termination usually takes place right before the return of the inspector, so the child care center does not receive a provisional license. You want your full license renewed at the end of the first state inspector visit. I am aware of some directors losing their jobs over their center getting a provisional license. Provisional licenses only lasted a couple of months. After that if you flunked again, your center no longer has a license to operate.

Why are people getting upset even if the illegal immigrants worked in the restaurant for years? The government is finally catching up with the job of making sure employees are legal in their employment. There is nothing wrong with the inspection of an employee’s documents for proof of citizenship or immigration status.

A Cute Rendering of White Christmas

Time to relax with some holiday music showcased in a cute creative little cartoon. Now if you are one of those who think this song can only be sung by Bing Crosby, you can still get into the cute and creative part of this video. This version of this song is only a few years younger than me. My mother continues to feel this version is awful, while it has grown on me over the years.

Sung by the Drifters

To be honest, I do not dream of a white Christmas. If it were up to me, there would be hardly any snow during the winter in southeastern PA. Christmas temperatures would be no colder than the low 50s. Yes, I dream of a bright sunny warm Christmas that doesn’t require wearing a heavy winter coat, gloves or mittens and wrapping up your face in a scarf!  December so far has been colder than usual; thus, a sunny warmer Christmas remains a dream.