More Labeling of Conservatives as Haters

In changing political perspectives, I continue to examine people and organizations that I held in high esteem while still on the liberal side. In the case of the Southern Law Poverty Center – SLPC, I did not follow everything that the organization did, but I became a fan when they assisted  the black mother of a young man lynched (the last lynching) by the  KKK in Mobile, Alabama back in the 80s win a $7 million verdict against them.

Currently, the SLPC considered a leftist organization is after conservative groups and has listed some in their hate group category along with the KKK. You receive a hater of gays label, if you are in disagreement with the lifestyle  especially on biblical grounds (which I am). The SLPC has included the Family Research Council – FRC along with other conservative organizations and Churches on their hate list due to these organizations being against what gays are demanding. I agree with FRC head Tony Perkins. Gee, these days if you disagree and take a stand against something on moral and Christian grounds you get the hater label!

I will never forget what the SPLC did for  the mother of the lynched son, against the KKK, but today, the SPLC is greatly diminished in my eyes. The organization is definitely gone way down the wrong road when it equates the FRC which stands firm on traditional family values and has never done violence to anyone with the hateful KKK which has a proven history of unrestrained vigilante violence to racial minorities and other types of minorities.



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