The Passing of Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards lost her cancer battle and passed away.  As if the cancer was not enough, she had to deal with the death of her teen-aged son and she had to face up to her husband’s unfaithfulness in public! I prayed in support of Mrs. Edwards’ desire to have more time with her children, but the Lord saw different. I do not believe in being partisan when there is loss of life in families of the political opposition. On a Facebook page of a conservative friend, I saw a nasty ‘glad she is dead’ type of a comment about Mrs. Edwards. This is a personal attack at its worst. I am proud to say that the comment was completely excoriated by fellow conservatives. Really, the nasty commenter and any others of that ilk should be shamed.

On the Left and Right, there are folks who are extremely partisan and see those on the opposing side as the supreme enemy. These types triumph over personal tragedies suffered by those in the opposition. That is something that I could never do.  My heart goes out to the Edwards Family.



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