Boneheaded Parenting Trends

This Top 10 Boneheaded Parenting Trends From the Left is from back in September on the NewsRealBlog. It is quite interesting. Here they are with my take on them. I don’t have any kids, but I have been a second mother to my twin nieces. We live together in the same household and have done so since their births.

  • Raising a Child as Gender Neutral

Well, that is totally ridiculous. Some things like teaching girls and not boys to be good cooks or teaching boys and not girls about light plumbing and handy work around the home is not good. But making everything in life gender neutral is not realistic.

  • Corporal Punishment Should be Outlawed

Firstly, I disagree with the authors on one point. This belief can also be found among those on the Right. I believe in old fashion spanking as a corrector of willful defiance in children by their parents.

  • Elimination communication Naked Green Babies

The support of this idea is t by the notion that babies are aware of their elimination needs at birth and capable of communicating those needs. An infant can possibly communicate elimination needs! From my times with toddlers and infants in child care and with my twin nieces, that is on the side of absurdity. The idea of letting your infant/toddler go bottomless is okay in the home for the toddler, not the infant. Letting them go bottomless where ever goes beyond rationality.

  • Be Your Child’s BFF (Best Friend Forever)

A parent is the main authority and cannot be a best friend at the same time. While I was growing up, my mother would tell me from time to time that she was my mother not my friend. Best friends can’t impose proper discipline which is essential for good parenting.

  • Children Should Not Be Exposed to Religion Until They’re Over 18

I cannot agree as it concerns Christianity. There is enough bible scripture such as Deuteronomy 6:5-9 that tells parents about instructing their children about the Lord. I could agree when it comes to children being raised under Sharia Law.

  • Teacup Parenting

I have dealt with parents who did not want their children to do anything for fear of getting hurt. In my classroom child care years, a few parents reported me to the Director for their children’s skinned knees or elbows. I also had to deal with parent who dressed their princess daughters in fancy dresses and did not want them running or climbing. It is just plain natural for children to run and climb and explore. Of course we want to keep children safe, but raising them up in a bubble against what is natural is wrong.

  • No Restraints When it Comes to Sexuality.

What can I say? No Restraints! Who in this world thinks that is okay? Well maybe a few crazy parents of boys, but parent’s of girls! I do hear people defending this idea within varying degrees because of contraceptives. But what about the various sexual transmitted diseases.? They all don’t go away with a pill prescription.

  • Giving Your Child Everything They Want – Without Earning It

Now we all know that there are parents on the Left and Right who are guilty of giving their child everything.

  • Allowing Others to Raise Your Child Because They Must Know Better

Coming from child care in the classroom and administration, I have to take issue with this one, but I only take issue on behalf of those who have to use child care and not because others know better.  In the mid 90s when the Republicans took over both houses of Congress, they tackled welfare. This resulted in a boom for day care. Single mothers on welfare had to put their children in day care to go to work, or go into a work training programs. Day care centers were bursting at the seams with children.

The majority of the mothers who had children in the child cares that I worked in were single. The days of letting grand-mom take care of them like mine did with me while my parents worked over time to get money to buy a house in the mid 1950s are pretty much over. One single parent who did not really want her child in day care told me, she had to do it, because her mother told her that she was not a built-in babysitter.

  • Self-Esteem is Supreme

No, it is not. I agree with the point that children are naturally self-centered. This self-esteem building thing only increases the self-centeredness. I can’t believe that there are parents who are afraid to critique/correct a child, because it will hurt the child’s self-esteem! These self-esteemed children grow up into self-centered adults who are beyond obnoxious.


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