Political Arm Wrestling

Bob Gorrell Cartoon

I know on some legislation, there will be Republicans defecting and siding with Democrats and visa versa, but the next two years will pretty much be one giant arm wrestle. It is getting harder to remember the days of Democrats and Republicans coming together sometimes on legislation, as with a young Republican Senator, Dan Quayle (later to be Vice Pres.) co-authoring  the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) in 1982 with the late Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy, or when some Republicans voted to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act, while southern Democrats voted against it. I also remember the days of the Republican and Democrat Hawks against the Republican and  Democratic Doves  over Viet Nam crisis in Congress.

Today,  the conservative constituency views the last decade of  Republicans as doing too much aisle crossing and siding with Democrats. The results are apparent in this country’s economic turmoil.  Currently, Republicans are under pressure (thanks to the TEA Party) to stand on conservative principles against today’s deeper left leaning Congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration. So prepare to watch the big lengthy arm wrestle.


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